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click here for m-house updates M-house is the project which re-introduced the word pre-fab. It was devised in 2002 by architect Tim Pyne and was influenced by his work as an exhibition designer, particularly on the Millennium Dome where he designed a third of the interior for New Labour. In exhibition design, everything is a pre-fab. The project went on to become iconic, and although it has evolved into m-hotel now (www.m-hotel.org), this website is left current because it is frequently used by students and authors. You can't buy an m-house any more, unless by special order, principally because we now manufacture overseas, and it is too expensive to ship. It's replacement is the 500 model on the m-hotel website. You can read about m-house below - the text from now on is unaltered. m-house (pronounced 'mouse') is over 1000 sqft of beautifully designed and detailed contemporary house or office. It is entirely manufactured under controlled factory conditions, which guarantees both quality of build and delivery time. m-house arrives in two pieces, each 3m (10' approx) wide, which are then joined together on site, which takes about a day. It comes completely fitted-out and ready for you to move into immediately, and delivery is 12 weeks after order. It's already become an iconic object. It is one of Kevin McCloud's 'perfect houses' (click on the link above to see the article); the house which preceded it was Lutyens' Castle Drogo in Devon. Design commentator Stephen Bayley thinks it's 'so much cooler than an Airstream', and Jonathan Glancey in the Guardian said it's 'inspired' (in his article on buildings of the year). In fact it came about as a result of a long lunch with Cedric Price (the man who influenced Archigram), so in fact it isn't inspired; it's informed. It's gained world recognition as an innovative housing type; m-house can be specified to meet full UK building regulations. There's been a lot written about it. Google m-house and read what they say.