How To Put An Ad For Mini Houses – In The Press?

Do you happen to have a tiny house want to sell? Have you considered an affordable way to market your property? Nowadays, people use different methods to put their homes on the market.

Even though you could employ a real estate agent, some of them decide to use the press, or local newspapers to reach potential buyers.

This might seem like an outdated approach, but you would be surprised how many people read newspapers these days. So, if you aren’t familiar with publishing an add, then we are going to guide you through this process.

Take photos of the front

Although newspapers don’t feature pictures of the properties, you could pay extra money to have a customized ad, with pictures of the mini house included. In that case, make sure to take a couple of shots of the exterior.

New house
Keep in mind that your photo will look ten times better if you crop out streets and sidewalks. Also, remove any vehicles from your driveway, and shoot close up and angled photos to avoid shadows or any vegetation that is blocking the path to the front door.

Pay attention to the interior

Same as the exterior, the interior plays a significant role in marketing your home for sale. It wouldn’t be too hard to take photos, considering the size of your property.

Mini houses usually have two-room and are less than 400 square feet.

In this case, focus on absorbing details, something that potential buyers will find appealing. However, make sure your house is clean and mess-free in order to get perfect shots.

How to choose newspapers

Local daily and weekly papers readership are decreasing, but in a few markets, this is still a suitable place to publish your ad. Additionally, anyone can buy papers, and they don’t have to be subscribed to a particular service or be members of some group to see an ad.

But, before you publish an ad, you should get a copy of the newspaper. If you don’t see similar ads, then don’t waste your time and move on. In this case, a small local weekly paper might be an excellent place to start. However, don’t make a mistake by abbreviating too many words, or trying to place everything into three lines to save money.
To sell your mini home faster, you must be ready to invest some money in advertising.

How to write an ad?

First of all, start by including the basics. This involves the location, price, number of room, bathrooms, you name, and contact number. To save space, you could use abbreviations of certain words that are well-known.

On the other hand, you should avoid making up abbreviation; otherwise, people will have a hard time understanding your ad.

Another important thing you should focus on is your competition. Make sure your price is in line with the local competition. If it’s too high, then your property can sit on the market for months, and even years.