Special Types Of Mini Houses

Living in a tiny house can have plenty of benefits. It is a fun way to have your own space, while it’s cozy, and economically and budget-friendly. Therefore, if you want to embrace this lifestyle, then we have a couple of types of mini houses you might find interesting.

Mini Home on wheels

If you want to live portable and move anytime you want, then a tiny house on wheels might be a suitable choice. When you are ready to leave the place, you just take the whole house with you. However, there are a couple of things you should know before you proceed with this decision.

What kind of trailer will you build your house on?
What are the laws in your state concerning a small house on wheels?
Where can you legally park?
Can you use the car to tow your home?
Once you have all the answers, you can start building your property.

Bus Conversions

This may seem like a strange idea, but a lot of people decide to convert busses into a living space. You might be afraid that the bus isn’t spacious enough, but once you take all the seats out, you can actually see how much room the school bus has.

Additionally, with so many windows, you get plenty of natural light. You can cover some of them with see-through coverings. In this case, you get privacy as well as light. If you feel like it, you could keep some of the benches around, and they can serve you as furniture.

Cob house

Cob house is made of straw, clay, and sand, so you might think this home won’t last long, due to the porous material. However, the majority of them can have a significantly longer lifespan if you take proper care of it.

Some structures are even 500 years old, but durability is determined by appropriate roofing, which prevents moisture from getting inside.

Vardo Mini House

If you are living alone and you prefer a tiny space, then there is nothing better than living in a wagon. Vardos were traditional horse-drawn, which were decorated in ornate designs and had vibrant color patterns.

Nowadays, they were redesigned and pulled by cars, which helps you maximize the space. Vardos have an impeccable design, which can withstand even the strongest winds and they have a great resale value.

Trailer homes

Last but not least, trailer homes are quite popular choice among homeowners. They are constructed on a trailer that is hitched to a truck. The frames are built out of timber because it’s affordable and easy to move from one place to another. Compared to traditional homes, it’s a bit smaller, but offers equal amount of comfort and enough space for your needs.